Foam Roller Stretches For Muscle Pain

Whether you’re warming up or cooling down, foam roller stretches for muscle pain can be a huge benefit for easing sore muscles with a good old fashioned self massage. You don’t have to wait until the next exercise session to get soothing relief from these simple tools. You can do the stretches anytime to bring quick relief to your muscles. Like a message, they improve blood flow to the area and that increased blood flow can speed the healing process. They can help break up scar tissue and release knots to bring almost instant relief. There’s no need to suffer through the pain when the solution is this simple.

You can roll the pain out of all the muscles in the leg.

No matter what muscle in the legs hurt, you can roller it out by insuring the weight of your body is on the roller at the point of pain. If the quadriceps ache, take a face down position with the roller at hip level. Work it down to the knees. Turn on your side for the IT band, connective tissue along the side of the hips.

Work on your glutes.

When the muscles are tight on your backside, it affects more than just that area. It can cause shooting pain throughout the lower back and even into the knee area. When you use a foam roller in this area, it can let you move freer by releasing the trigger points. Just sit on the foam roller and cross one leg over the other. The roller should be located at the top of the glutes, toward the lower back. You’ll be working one side with this exercise, then working the other. Lean a bit forward toward the side you’re working out and let the foam roller roll down the glutes. It’s just a few inches.

Upper back tightness can be painful and lead to headaches.

Lie on top of the foam roller with it perpendicular to the body, just under the shoulder blades. Put your knees flat on the floor with your knees bent and your hands behind your head. As you tighten your abs, you’ll slightly lift your hips and roll the foam roller slowly from the shoulder area to the middle back. Along the way, you’ll probably find the spot that hurts, roll over it a few times more.

  • If you’re new to the foam roller, you’ll probably try to roll it too fast. Don’t try to move it by more than an inch every second.
  • You’ll probably feel some discomfort, just as you would with a massage. It’s a good pain that means the tight muscle is getting loser and feel better when you’re done. The most painful areas are trigger points or knots in the muscles.
  • Use moderate pressure. If you use too little, you won’t get much benefit and too much can be counterproductive.
  • Remember a tight muscle in one area can create pain in another area. If you’re not getting relief, roller a different area until you find the location of the knot.

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