How It Works

We’ve got the formula to get you feeling and looking your best!

When it comes to results, we’ve got the perfect formula for you to look and feel your best without hours of boring cardio or over-restrictive diets.

Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 150 pounds, our proven program will work for you. At Burn It In 30, we customize the program to fit your needs and goals.

Make the Decision 

In order for our new members to be part of this program they have to go trough an application process. Only 60 Very Special and Driven ladies Will be Accepted. We will be selecting each person based on their true desire to make a life changing “Turn-Around.”


During orientation we will go over your goals, do your initial weigh in and measurements and provide you with your success manual to make sure you are ready to make the most out of your stay with us.

Move Your Body

We meet 4x a week for 4 weeks. All of our fat-torching workouts are structured & personalized for your body and fitness level.  You’ll be reaching your goals sooner than you think.

Change Your Habits

When it comes to nutrition we focus on knowledge and education: Learn how to shop, cook, meal prep, and dine out for long term success. You will receive a personalized meal plan approved by a dietitian.

Professional Guidance

Each member meets privately with our coaches biweekly. You will experience one-on-one attention to meet you goals in a structured setting.  Our professional coaches work closely with you, giving you the ability to drastically change your current weight, fitness level, and overall health.

Long-Term Results

In the Burn It In 30 Program we focus on building a strong foundation providing motivation and life coaching tools. Our members discover that being healthy starts from the inside.  In order for real change to last, you need to be aware of the behaviors, habits, and thoughts that have not worked in the past, you can adopt new ways of thinking that will improve your life for the long term.

How is BII30 different from other weight loss or fitness programs?

  • There are no starvation or juice diets.
  • We won’t yell at you, we’ll inspire you and motivate you to push yourself.  We are extremely dedicated to our members and get to know them individually.
  • We strive to help you create lasting positive change in your life- in all areas.  This is not a quick fix, this is a life-style change.  
  • Burn It In 30 offers the best value in the industry!  We provide you with more than any other fitness or weight loss program and at a better value to you.

Benefits of Being part of our program

  • Achieve a healthy weight for the long term.
  • Strengthen and tone your body.
  • Detox your body from the inside out.
  • Create healthy habits.
  • Gain confidence and self-esteem.
  • Overcome fitness plateaus.
  • Overcome addictions and self-defeat
  • Feel energized, active, and refreshed.


How long are your workouts?

We warm up for the first 5 mins of class, workout (Strength & HIIT) is about 45mins then we take 5mins for cool-down and stretch.

What happens after I am done with my 30 day program?

You will be meeting with your coach to go over your progress and your goals. If we see you are committed and serious to your fitness goals, then you can reapply to be part of a second or third  30-day session to continue your journey with us. Being that we have limited space we want to make you are serious about your goals, otherwise we prefer to give that spot to someone who needs it more.

Do I get a meal plan?

Yes, after we have your first weigh in we are able to create a customized meal plan according to your goals and body composition.

What if I am really out of shape? I haven’t had a workout in years!

We welcome any fitness level to our program. Our goal is to help you learn good form, get moving and make progress every single day. Every single exercise or workout we do in class can be modified according to fitness level.

I am vegan, can you help me with a meal plan that will meet my needs and still see results?

Absolutely, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

What times can I work out?

We offer 5 different hours a day. You choose the time slot that works for you and that is the same time you train Monday– Thursday. For example you chose 5am class then you would attend 5am class MondayThursday.

Any Other Questions?

Give us a call 210 294-9216


CALL 210 294-9216



Only 60 Very Special and Driven People Will be Accepted.