Love Your Body, Don’t Hate It

No matter what shape you’re in, love your body, don’t hate it. Hating your body is counterproductive to getting fit. While you don’t have to love the shape it’s in, you don’t need to hate yourself either. Think about it. When someone talks about a house that’s been allowed to become run down, you’ll hear them say, all it needs is a little love. So what makes that inanimate object deserves love more than your own being? Nothing. All you need is a little love.

You can control what your body looks like.

While there are some things you can’t control, such as how tall you are (although, exercise does improve your posture, which can actually make you taller.), you dictate how fit you are and that’s huge. That’s why there’s no place in fitness for hating your body. It interferes with the task of creating a program to achieve the way you want it to look. You have to be realistic. Remember, a lot of those pictures of stars are photoshopped to create teeny waists and Barbie doll hips and legs. Healthy is a good look to strive for when it comes to fitness goals.

Loving your body means you’ll treat it to better food.

If you’re feeding your body food that doesn’t contain all the nutrients you need, you’re not giving yourself the love you should have. Pretend your body is a small child and you’re responsible for keeping that child healthy with a good diet. Would you feed it cookies, Ben & Jerry’s, chips and French fries? No! You’d go out of your way to create menus that were nutritious and also yummy. You need to take care of your body and pamper it with a healthy diet like you would an innocent child.

Bodies have to do what they’re meant to do, move.

You weren’t created to sit in a chair all day. In fact, if you lived that way in prehistoric times, you wouldn’t last a week. The body has built in mechanisms that work best when you get a vigorous workout regularly. It burns off stress hormones and improves circulation, while also providing hormones that make your feel good. When you love your body, you’ll keep it moving and adore the feeling of controlling each muscle.

  • Dehydration takes its toll. About 50 to 65 percent of the body is water and about 73 percent of your brain is water. Take loving care to replenish it throughout the day.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Loving your body means not beating it up with overwork and no rest. Make sure you get adequate sleep at night.
  • Appreciate what you have. Sure, you may be overweight, but you can walk. As I watched older members of my family lose their ability to walk and slow down dramatically with years, I learned to appreciate and use the gifts I have, which is a healthy active body.
  • Set a goal and reward yourself when you reach that goal. Make that reward something you really want. It might be a special outfit or a night out on the town.

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