No More Boring Cardio

boring cardioI have new clients come into the gym and say they’ve had problems sticking to exercise programs in the past. Either they were tired of boring cardio workouts or didn’t get the results they hoped for from the workout they were doing. After just a few weeks of working out at the gym with my program, they not only looked forward to each session, they saw quick results that drove them even more toward staying on track and maximizing results.

Each workout is personally designed for your needs.

No two people are alike. Some need more strength training while others falter in the area of flexibility. That’s just one reason I offer personalized workouts for each person. The workouts aim at improving all areas of need, strength, flexibility, balance and endurance, to help each person achieve their personal best. People with physical limitations may need their program modified to adjust for that need. I do that at Burn It in 30.

You’ll not only have a workout based on your unique needs, you’ll get bonus classes too.

I love to investigate all types of exercise and help you do it too. That’s why I provide bonus programs to keep it interesting. The programs vary widely and may include everything from the aggressive moves of kickboxing to mind quieting of yoga. They’re quick introductions to help you experience all the wonderful worlds of exercise available to you.

I made Burn It in 30 different, because it is different.

Some people avoid going to the gym because of the pressure they’ve experienced in the past to sign up for a year or even lifetime membership. At Burn It in 30, you only sign up for one month at a time. If you like it, then you can go another month or as many months as you like. I know you’ll get good results, so I’m confident you’ll stick with our program. You can even get a trial consultation and offer thirty minute trial classes, one week trial pass, and a one hour trial class to help you make that decision.

Enjoy working out with like minded individuals and supportive staff who make the experience more fun.

While exercise is important, so is diet. At Burn It in 30, you’ll get personalized meal plans to help you eat healthier and lose weight in the process.

We provide ongoing coaching and hold you accountable for your success. Accountability is often what’s missing from self-governed programs. It helps motivate you to stay on track.

You’ll feel amazing and have more energy than you ever dreamed possible in just a short time, plus you’ll look amazing too.­­­

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