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Whether you want to lose weight or just feel better, a San Antonio nutritionist can help. You can use a traditional nutritionist for that help or get a bonus by using a personal trainer who not only provides the information to aid you in selecting healthier foods, but also provides exercise routines to help you achieve health in that way. Sometimes, trainers work with nutritionists, too. For losing weight, changing your diet is only part of the way to achieve weight loss. For fast, safe weight loss, you need to add exercise to the mix.

Regular exercise provides a number of benefits to any weight loss program.

When you workout on a regular basis, it helps you burn extra calories. In order to shed one pound, you need to reduce your caloric intake or burn an extra 3500 calories. Exercise burns those extra calories, while a healthy diet reduces the number you intake. That means you’ll lose weight even faster. Exercise does more than that. It builds muscle tissue. Muscle tissue requires more calories than fat tissue does for maintenance, so when you have more, you burn more calories 24/7, not just when you’re exercising.

Eating healthy isn’t dieting.

Whether you use the services of a nutritionist or personal trainer, you’ll learn that healthier eating isn’t anything like dieting. Dieting restricts you to specific foods or leaves you feeling hungry. Healthier eating means making smarter choices when it comes to food, such as using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream on potatoes to save extra calories. It actually can mean eating more food than you normally eat and enjoying your food more. You’ll be able to eat anywhere without worry when you learn the right types of foods to select. If you have a special food you love and worry you’ll never get to eat it again, you’d be wrong. You just won’t be able to eat as much or as often.

Regular exercise provides many other healthy benefits.

Working out on a regular basis not only helps you shed pounds, it improves your strength and energy level. If your day is filled with stress, it also helps you burn off the hormones created by stress to help you feel good again. Exercise can help prevent serious conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. One study showed it was better at controlling and potentially reversing the effects of osteoporosis than some medicines for the condition.

When you eat healthier and workout regularly, you’ll do more than just lose weight. You’ll notice your complexion improving and your overall vigor expand dramatically.

Most people find that they not only can stick with the new way of eating, they love it. In fact, many lose their desire for unhealthy foods or find them unpalitable.

Personal trainers provide even more. They provide motivation and hold you accountable.

You’ll learn a wide variety of different routines from a personal trainer. That helps prevent plateauing by eliminating the possibility of your body becoming too efficient at an exercise, causing a reduction in the amount of calories it burns.­­­


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