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You may think you’re doing everything possible to get back into shape without getting results, but you’re probably wrong. It’s time to contact a San Antonio personal trainer to get the success you’ve hoped to achieve in your struggles. Personal trainers don’t do a one-size-fits-all program, but create one especially for your needs. A trainer first assesses your overall fitness, including identifying weaker muscle groups and areas of fitness that you need work.

Only after an assessment does the trainer design a program specifically for your needs.

The program will be tough, but still within your abilities. As you continue to workout, your level of fitness will improve and that’s where a trainer really provides benefits. He or she adjusts the workout to your new level of fitness, to insure you’re always working toward maximum potential. Most people fail to change their program at home, which can slow improvement.

You’ll get help with nutritional programs.

You are what you eat. Well, at least you’re either gaining weight, remaining the same or losing weight based on your food intake. Trainers don’t just give you a diet, they work with you so you can learn a healthy eating style that not only helps you lose weight, it helps keep it off permanently. While some will give you a personalized meal plan, it’s only an aid until you can learn the best foods for a healthy body. Diets don’t work and trainers know that. It’s because diets restrict you to specific foods and they always end. Instead, learning to eat healthier and how to make substitutions to save calories mean you’ll never feel deprived or hungry, but will still shed pounds quickly.

Some trainers provide a great deal of insight into why you have a weight problem in the first place.

At one time or another, everyone has felt defeated, whether it’s about weight or other events in their lives. That’s when a good coach can really make a difference. Trainers act as that coach and help you overcome the negative self-talk that can lead to weight loss failures. You’ll be amazed at how just knowing you’re going to meet with a trainer will hold you accountable and keep you on the straight and narrow.

Trainers show you the right way to do each exercise to help you maximize results and avoid injury.

Trainers vary their programs so you don’t plateau. Plateauing occurs when the body becomes too efficient at specific movements and fails to burn as many calories as possible.

Many people actually find they enjoy the workout more when they use the services of a personal trainer. It’s especially true when they workout with others. The comradery can be motivating.

The combination of a healthy diet and exercise is a double whammy for fat. It not only lowers the calorie intake, it increases the number of calories you burn.­­­


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