Surprisingly Healthy Snacks That Taste Good

It’s always a challenge to find healthy snacks that taste good, but it shouldn’t be. There are a surprising number of them that will fill you up, not out, while giving your body the treat of nutrition…and best of all, they taste good. Snacks can be as simple as slicing an apple and putting on almond butter, which is similar to peanut butter, but wins the healthy race by a smidgen. If you’re feeling depressed, change that butter to cashew butter that is known for its properties that help with anxiety and depression. A medium size apple is 95 calories, a tablespoon of almond butter is 98 calories and a tablespoon of cashew butter is 94. It’s an easy, yet yummy snack under 200 calories.

You can make a healthy dip that tastes good from cottage cheese.

Just mix a half a cup of cottage cheese with chives and you’re ready to dip some vegetables. If you want something a bit more exciting, try mixing a ½ cup of cottage cheese with one chopped green onion, a tablespoon of fresh parsley, ½ tsp dried dill, a pinch of each pepper and garlic powder and a ¼ tsp of Worcestershire sauce. Put it in a blender and blend until smooth. It’s a great dip that will make you look forward to eating fresh vegetables.

Air popped popcorn with seasoning can be delicious.

You don’t need the movie style popcorn that’s drenched in butter if you season air popped right. When a sweet tooth strikes, toss on a tablespoon of mini-chocolate chips to three cups of popcorn. Add a dash of salt for a treat that’s under 150 calories. You can use other mini-chip flavors for variety. For a sweet treat that’s spicier and far less gooey, mix a couple of shakes of cinnamon with a bit of cayenne pepper and a tsp of cocoa powder. Drizzle the popcorn with a tsp of butter and shake on the mixture. Drizzle on coconut oil and then shake on jerk seasoning for a lively flavor. Add a tsp of unsalted butter then mix with a tsp of powdered ranch dressing. The choices are endless when it comes to popcorn and super low in calories.

Homemade creations can be a delight.

You can make a version of the ham, cream cheese and green onion roll that’s healthier and lower in calories. Use a Romaine leaf, a teaspoon of cream cheese and green onion. Put the cream cheese on the leaf, top it with the onion and roll it up. There are many other healthy lettuce wraps to add variety to your snacks. You can use lettuce wraps as an alternative to a quick sandwich for lunch. Watch your portions and keep the filling healthy.

– Hard boiled eggs have always been a favorite of mine. I love them freshly boiled and slightly warm, but you can make them ahead and keep them in the fridge. A dab of dressing can add flavor, but keep it to a dab.

  • A cube of Gouda cheese and a handful of grapes makes a great snack.
  • A half cup of cottage cheese and a half Mott’s applesauce cup is filling and just over 150 calories. Make sure you get the kind with no added sugar that’s 100% real fruit.
  • A 1 oz container of oven roasted almonds with sea salt has 170 calories. You could eat the whole bag or only half and have an apple or fruit with the nuts.

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