The Holidays Are Around The Corner, Are You Ready?

It doesn’t matter whether you love or hate the holidays, they often impact your efforts to stick to a workout schedule and eat healthy. If you’re just starting your program, there’s so much to learn, especially when you face a holiday table loaded with all types of food. The Holidays are around the corner, are you ready with the knowledge it takes to make the healthiest choices?

Plan ahead for a healthy happy holiday.

Take time to learn about what to eat on the holidays. If you have family get-togethers where everyone brings a dish, often they create a group on Facebook or have another method that lets everyone know what they’re bringing so there are duplicates. Even if you don’t, you often know that Aunt Bessie will bring her favorite pea salad and your sister will bring a delicious pumpkin pie. Plan ahead what you’ll eat and the portion size. You can eat anything on the table, just smaller amounts of the less nutritious foods. If you’re cooking the dinner, plan a healthy one and ask for help to plan it from your coach if you need to do that.

Focus on your workout schedule.

Having time to do everything becomes difficult and sometimes impossible during the holidays, but carving out time for yourself is important. Whether you get up early to exercise or break it into manageable sections of 10 to 15 minutes at a time, having a plan before it gets to hectic is a top priority. Plan a walk with the family to see the holiday decorations in the neighborhood as part of your exercise program or focus on enjoying games with the children.

Vow to not show up to the family celebration starved.

Even though there will be loads of food available, make sure you’re not famished when you go. Have a big healthy family breakfast if your special holiday meal is a lunch and a healthy snack right before you leave the house. Even though the set time to eat is noon, you know no food will be served until one o’clock and by then the full feeling from breakfast will be gone.

  • If there’s always family conflict at these get-togethers, find ways to avoid them. Sometimes it’s just asking others to cool the disagreements at least for one day. Other times it involves going outside with the kids after the meal is over, saving you from nervous nibbling.
  • Focus more on socializing. If you’re talking, you aren’t eating or drinking.
  • Drink water before you eat. A glass of water can help fill you up and leave less room for food.
  • Remember to take small portions, particularly of high calorie foods. If you have a choice, make a smart choice, such as choosing a fresh fruit cup over a piece of Black Forest cake.

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