Your Authentic Self Is Enough

If you’ve tried before but find you sabotage your efforts to shed those extra pounds, you may have an emotional block that’s stopping you. Some people push down their anger by eating, others fill the empty void they feel with food. Once you learn that your authentic self is enough, you can spend far less time worrying about what others think of you and enjoy life to its fullest. At that point, the self-love will help those pounds come off with far less effort.

You deserve to feel good and good about yourself.

You may never have thought about it before, but you do deserve happiness, comfort and feeling good about yourself. Imagine that you’re your own nurturing mother. That may be hard for those who had critical parents or even absent ones, whether it was physically absent or emotional. For those people, think about the parent you wished you had and how they would have treated you. You may focus your attention on everyone else’s needs, but it’s time to focus on yours. If you simply go along with plans, but hate going to a specific restaurant every week. Speak up. Chances are that the other person may be simply going because they think you like it. You deserve to take time to treat your body well.

Your body is a unique beautiful instrument.

When you consider how amazing the human body is, you’ll treat yours with far more respect. You probably take care of your car or your kitchen appliances more than you do your own body, but it needs special care too. Eating healthy and exercise provides the fuel and care you need to stay healthy and live longer. Unlike your car or other mechanical appliance, you can’t trade your body in next year and get a new one. Also unlike those devices, your body heals and repair itself when you treat it right. It’s time you start doing that.

Failure is not an option, because there is no failure unless you quit trying.

When you start on a program of healthy eating and regular exercise, you’re going to have days where you grab a candy bar or revert to old habits no matter how much you try not to do it. It’s not a failure unless you give up entirely. You can start back on the right road immediately and just consider it a miscalculation. There may be some around you that fill your head with negative remarks that make you doubt your ability to achieve your goals. Ignore them and focus on people who truly care about you and will support and love you whether you gain weight, lose weight or remain the same. They may worry about your health, but it doesn’t shatter their love.

  • Be your own best friend and revel in your successes. Everyone needs an “atta’ girl” once in a while.
  • Learn that your opinion about how you choose to live your life is strictly your decision. Taking consideration for the others in your life may be part of your decision, but it shouldn’t be the only part.
  • Accepting yourself and self-love doesn’t conflict with weight loss and healthy living. As a matter of fact, it supports it. If you truly care of yourself, you want to be the healthiest and fittest you can be.
  • Shedding pounds to be stick thin or some other fashion magazine image isn’t part of the change, it’s about being the best you that you can be. It’s more like enjoying the work you do, but looking for a job that pays better or has better benefits. You don’t hate the job, you just want to live more comfortably.

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