Empowering strength, health, and confidence since 2011.

Accumulating over 12 years of experience, and I'm proud to share that I've had the privilege of supporting over 3,000 women on their journey to health and vitality.

Through my Burn It In 30 program, I've discovered the joy of healthy eating and working out without deprivation. The most important lesson? Change starts with renewing your mind daily.

Change, in any aspect of life, requires the perfect blend of faith and action.

Together, let's embark on a journey of renewal, where faith and action converge to bring about lasting change.

Exercise is more than just physical, it’s therapeutic! Burn It In 30 will guide you throughout your fitness journey to make sure you are training smart, and you make progress in every workout you do.


We believe in a holistic approach to fitness, focusing on four key pillars that form the foundation of our transformative program: Workouts, Nutrition Guidance, Mindset, and Community.


In-person or Online

Group Training Programs


Receive monthly meal guides and recipes. Track your food with our mobile app.


Unlock the power of a positive mindset and learn to love your body and the journey.


Join a supportive community of like-minded women on the same transformative journey.

What our members are saying

I love Burn It In 30 and all that it encompasses. I have tried all my life to be successful on my fitness journey and each time I fell short. For the first time in my life I have stuck with something and gotten real results. It’s not a magic pill. You have to put the work in, but Marcela and her crew of coaches are so uplifting and personal. They all want you to succeed. There is so much more to getting healthy than just nutrition and working out and BII30 offers that through their 1:1 coaching and large motivational community.


I would give Burn It In 30 - 10/10 stars if I could! Marcela and her team are truly an amazing group of women! She has invested and created a great program for ladies of ALL sizes. Not only that but her heart is so giving that you always feel motivated to give your best at each and every workout. You will SWEAT, learn new workouts, learn about nutrition and mostly importantly build your mental and spiritual strength needed to accomplish your fitness goals! I'm no fitness guru nor am I physically fit, but for the first time in my life I believe that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to- fitness and beyond. I owe that to this incredible establishment.


Highly recommend. Very motivating and fun virtual workouts. It’s not only about the awesome workouts, this Group consists of strong women who come together and motivate one another to stay on track.


The BII30 virtual classes are fantastic! Having the coaches teach in real time is super helpful. It keeps the motivation high and prevents me from wanting to slack off. Plus, the additional resources offered make this an all in one program. I also really appreciate the modifications & creativity as I don’t have a lot of gym equipment at home. What I appreciate the most is Marcela’s (and the other coaches) dedication & commitment in keeping the BII30 community together, despite the current challenges everyone is facing.


First of all, Well Done, Marcela! This is an awesome gym... wait, not just a gym but a total life experience. You get a personalized coach for accountability, help with nutrition, daily encouragement, a fitness app, and special events during the month to help you stay on track. Finally, I love the owner's heart; she genuinely wants to see women succeed spiritually, mind, body, and soul, which means everything to me!

  • -Mary

I’ve been a BII30 member since Aug. 2020 this has been the best decision of my life. I’m grateful for being able to be apart of this amazing community. I’ve learned so many things thanks to Marcela and her team! Thanks to BII30 for helping me understand the importance of moving my body everyday, eating healthier, and most importantly loving myself along the way. I love this community so much and everything it has done for me. I literally recommend it to everyone I know. :)


Marcela sets everything up for you to succeed!! There are really no excuses to not get your workouts in. All the coaches are amazing. They all encourage you and push you to YOUR next level. Highly recommend Burn It In 30 to any fitness level.


I’ve been a part of Burnitin30 since July 2021, it’s the best decision I’ve made for my health. I’ve been part of other gyms, but Bii30 is different. It’s a community of women who support one another, it’s more than working out. Marcela is the owner and she heads a great team of coaches who are all supportive and passionate about helping you reach your personal health goals.


Very happy to be a part of an amazing gym, and group of amazing women. The more I come, the more I want to come. This place is addictive in a very positive way. Thank you Marcela and all the coaches for your support and encouragement!


1 stop shop! If you’re looking for a place to work toward your goals of the best version of you, Burn it in 30 is the place to be! Where else can you get a workout in where you have accountability, camaraderie, encouragement and a guaranteed sweat drenching workout wrapped up in 45 minutes with a bow? The Burn it in 30 program isn’t your quick fix. It’s a long-term sustainable plan for you to use for a lifetime!


Burn it in 30 has been a life changing experience! I have a community of women and coaches who support and encourage me! This place is not only a gym but a place to get your nutrition right and your mind in the right place! This place is amazing! Best decision ever!


Burn it in 30 is definitely my home away from home. This place not only provides amazing workouts but an amazing community woman who inspire and encourage one another.. This community has also brought my faith back to light. I can proudly say I’m the best version of myself today.



Choose your path to wellness: Whether you prefer the flexibility of our online program, the camaraderie of in-person sessions, or the personalized touch of one-on-one training, we're here to support your unique fitness journey. Your transformation, your way.



every 4 weeks

Full Fitness Program to follow at home or any gym.

Follow full workout videos or the workout of the day on your own

Access to the community and coaches

App to track workouts, habits and nutrition

Minimum of 12 week commitment



every 4 weeks

3 Group Training Sessions per week

Full Fitness Program to follow on days you miss or we don't meet.

Access to the community and coaches

App to track workouts, habits and nutrition

Minimum of 12 week commitment



every 4 weeks

2 Personal Training Sessions per week (2 ladies per session)

Access to all Group Training Sessions

Full Fitness Program to follow on days you miss or we don't meet.

App to track workouts, habits and nutrition

Minimum of 12 week commitment

We only have 50 spots open for our 2024 Program.

Our Team

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Coach Marcela

Frequently Asked Questions

Current Burn It In 30 members

Do I have to commit to the same time every day? 

No, you can change times, but consistency is recommended for session planning.

How do I get the gym membership?

You are able to get a 24/7 access membership to complement your program and go on the days we do not meet in person... Keep in mind you are only able to get a membership if you are an active Burn It In 30 member as this is a private gym. Once you fill out your application please make sure you let me know you want to get the membership so we can get you all set up. This will be an additional $35 fee on a separate transaction. This payment goes directly to Train Anytime gym.

Can I use the gym with a class pack?

No, only active members have gym access. Choose one of the membership options for this privilege.

Can I bring a friend with the gym membership at Train Anytime?

No, the gym membership is exclusive to members only.

Why only 3 days a week?

These dedicated days provide focused training. Use other days for additional workouts, creating a sustainable routine.

Can I do in-person workouts with the online membership?

Certainly! Drop-in for $25 or get a 10-session pack for $199, valid for up to 3 months. The session pack is perfect if you want to join us once a week or so.

What if I can't commit to 6 months?

A minimum of 12 weeks is required, then cancel anytime with a 30-day notice prior to your next payment.

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