Aug 3, 2020

 by Sunny Stuart

For those of us that watch TV we are constantly bombarded new diets, schemes, and magic pills
that are all going to make us healthier. First of all, there are no real magic pills. There are pills
that will take the weight off but the side effects of these pills are often worse than being
overweight. The other diets and schemes promoted by all our favorite movie stars will take more
than just weight off; they will lighten your wallet as well.

Becoming healthy is more than what new diet you are going to try, or even what fancy gym you
will join. It is about choices. It is about attitude and dedication and it is about putting yourself in
a position to be successful. Winners keep themselves in the game long enough to have a chance.
Winners do not give up; even when they stumble they get right back up and push forward.

If losing weight is what you need to be healthier, then you may want to throw out everything you
have learned and tried before because it obviously didn’t work. We have all heard that you can’t
run until you learn to walk; this very much applies to becoming healthy. You must take the baby
steps first in order to one day reach full stride. It’s time to put the past in the past; forget about
your failures and bad habits, it’s time to make and build good habits.

Giving your body what it needs is the first step in a healthier lifestyle. Our bodies don’t require
sodas every time we get thirsty, they require water. Sure, sodas have water in them, but they also
have way too much stuff our bodies don’t need. Many people have trouble with drinking water
with meals, or even drinking water at all. If you are one of these people, start small. Replace one
can or bottle of soda a day with a glass of water. At meals have a glass of water alongside your
other preferred beverage and take a few sips with your meals. Slowly begin to wean yourself
from the soda craving. At some point down the road when you are thirsty and you realize you
crave a glass of water, you will also realize you have won a small battle.?

Building good habits can be equally as hard in other areas as well. What we eat is often
determined by where we live and work. Some jobs make eating properly more difficult than
other jobs. We often order fast food because our co-workers are ordering. Even though
convenient at the time, it is an unhealthy choice. Packing your own lunch gives your control over
what goes in your body, and the portion size you will eat. Fast food is most often not healthy and
their portions are too big. If you have trouble with this idea, try taking your lunch once or twice a
week and work up to an everyday routine.?

Snacks and junk food should be handled the same way as the other steps. Once a day replace an
unhealthy snack with a healthy one. Sometimes you have to do a little research in order to find
new things that you like that are good for you; your body will thank you for it in the long run.
Meals shouldn’t be drastically altered. You don’t want to start your new healthier lifestyle by
dreading mealtime. Simply begin by eating smaller portions. Next, like with snacks, do a bit of
research; find things that are healthy that you like and start to incorporate them in with meals. As
you do this weed out some of the unhealthy choices. Remember, baby steps.?

As you become healthy your lifestyle will begin to change. Food will still be enjoyable but not a
hobby. Food shouldn’t be the one thought that consumes us all day…unless you are a chef. Being
healthy requires that we plan for it, budget for it, live it, and be proud that we are doing it.