Aug 3, 2020

 by Sunny Stuart

You still haven’t lost weight despite going on a diet and exercising. How can it be? Surely, your waistline should have shrunk by now. Here you are again, back at the start of your weight loss journey without seeing any benefits. Indeed, you’ve spent money on expensive diet foods and gym membership to no avail.

There must be something you can do to change your luck. Well, the good news is luck doesn’t come into the equation. Bad habits are weighing you down and preventing success, and you have the power to smash them. Look at the following practices that you need to stop to drop pounds and inches.


Research shows many people who are overweight misjudge the amount of food they consume. Unknowingly, you might be eating far too many calories due to snacking between meals and overfilling your plate.

It’s time to take control of the quantity of foods and beverages you swallow by keeping a journal. Record exactly what you consume, not only at meal times but also when you’re sat watching the TV.

Additionally, consider meal portion sizes. Do you eat from a large or medium-sized plate or bowl? Also, do you pile your meal high? You’ve already guessed the answer to the issue; switch to a smaller plate and be conservative when serving your food.


There’s a wrong time of day to eat? Really? Well, you can eat whenever you like, but you need to bear in mind how active you are after meals and snacks. Eating after 6 p.m. won’t make you fat unless you fail to burn off the calories you’ve consumed.

Unsurprisingly, munching on high-calorie foods in the evening can be a recipe for disaster. You’re unlikely to finish the day with a workout, and even if you did, you would mess up your sleep routine – too much activity close to bedtime can result in insomnia.

The solution? Eat less as the day progresses and only consume high-calorie foods early in the day rather than at night-time.


You might go to the gym at the weekend, and perhaps you even workout to an exercise video at home once a week. However, eat more calories than you get rid of, and they will increase your girth.

Behaviors you carry out on a daily basis count more than those you engage in once or twice a week. Go for a brisk walk every evening as well as following your usual exercise practice, and you’re likely to shift extra weight.


If you’re stressed, you may reach for comfort foods. Plus, people who suffer from anxiety often don’t sleep well and end up gaining weight. As already mentioned, eating late at night doesn’t help your weight loss efforts.

Take care to address the issue and reduce anxiety. You can’t always prevent stressful events happening, but you can carry out daily stress reduction activities. Brainwave entrainment to induce relaxation, listening to gentle music, and spending time in the countryside will help. Additionally, writing your thoughts in a diary and meditating for 20 minutes a day may be beneficial.

There are good reasons you’ve not lost weight, and they aren’t your fault. The causes of the problem lie in your habits, which, until you knew about them were in charge of your figure. You can regain the power to shift stubborn pounds. Alter your behaviors, and the extra weight will leave.